Main Causes of Breast Cancer Development in Women

Breast Cancer is a form of cancer which develops by the breast cells or tissues, this disease mainly occur in women but can be treated if diagnosed in its early stage of development. A breast cancer that starts in the lobules is referred as lobular carcinoma and a breast cancer, which develops from the ducts, is referred as ductal carcinoma.
Breast Cancer may be classified in several grades and each of its type needs a different treatment response. This type of cancer usually starts its development in the inner lining of milk ducts or in the lobules, responsible for milk supply.

Identify the Breast Cancer Symptoms and Signs

Causes of Breast Cancer
This type of cancer is the most common, which affects females worldwide. Many conditions are responsible for this. Experts believe that poor nutritional diet and unhealthy life style are the major contributory factors for this disease.
Breast Cancer Symptoms primarily could be only felt by the patient and when these symptoms get discussed with doctor then only this disease could be diagnosed. So primary symptoms for Breast Cancer include:

• Formation of a lump in the breast
• Feeling of pain or tenderness in the arm pits or breasts, which is not related with menstrual periods
• A rash around one or both of the nipples
• Itching or burning sensation in the nipple
• Swelling in one of the armpits
• Nipple discharge (sometime containing blood)
• Change in the appearance of nipples
• Change in the size and shape of the breasts
• The nipple skin or breast skin started to look scaled
• An area which distinctly look different from any other area of breast

If you are feelings concerned about any of the above-mentioned symptoms then consult your doctor and get checked to confirm your fitness.

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Understand the Responsible Causes of Breast Cancer

As the women get older, the risk of breast cancer increases automatically. Breast cancer development is mostly found women of 55+ (after menopause)

It is not always mandatory that you will get this disease if your elders are already caused. But this factor increases your risk of developing the disease.

If you are taller than other average heighted women, then also you are at high risk of developing this cancer.
• Previously held breast cancer
• If you have dense breast tissues
• Obesity
• Alcohol Consumption
• Certain medical conditions

By knowing the Causes of Breast Cancer you will become able to avoid or prevent causing the disease, as it is always better to follow some guidelines to prevent any disease. Women may decrease the chance of causing Breast Cancer by maintaining a healthy routine life like healthy weight, decreasing alcohol intake, increasing physical activities, breastfeeding to the children, etc.

This article helped you to understand the common signs or symptoms and prevent the causes of breast cancer development. So if you think you are following any of the causes or have seen any of the symptoms in your body, then talk to your doctor. It could get cured easily if treated well.

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