Facts About Sugar VS Brown Sugar – Better for Weight Loss

Sugar is a generalized name for sweets, and it is used as a key ingredient in making sweet dishes. Many of the people all over the world love to eat sweets even many of them are fond of it. The world produced about 168 Million Tonnes of sugar is produced in the year of 2011 and averagely a person consume about 24 Kg of sugar each year.

Sugar is a carbohydrate composed with carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. We can produce sugar from sugarcane, it comes in market in two forms one is, white sugar and another is brown sugar. This article is based on a discussion of Sugar vs Brown Sugar, to explore which is better for health.

Brown sugar

Differentiation of the Properties of Sugar and Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar and White Sugar, both are derived from sugarcane, but brown sugar has a slightly lower calorific value and is less sweet than white sugar. Most of the people believe that brown sugar is healthier than white sugar, but here we are explaining their properties in detail to elaborate the truth.

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White Sugar

Sugarcane juice is extracted and then processed to make crystals. These crystals are filtered to remove any dirt by washing with hot water. These naturally white remained crystals contain 99.9 percent sucrose and these big crystals are grinded in the machines to produce different sizes of granules called as white sugar.

This sugar is dry, granny, rich and sweeter in taste and 100 gm of it contains 387 calories.

Brown Sugar

This obtained white sugar crystals are further processed by mixing various amounts of molasses to make its color brown. The darkness of color depends upon the amount of molasses added, if the sugar contain 3.5 percent of molasses, its color will be light brown. If the sugar contains 6.5 percent of molasses, its color will be dark brown.

This sugar is moist, clumpy and is slightly less sweet in taste. 100 gm of this sugar contains 377 calories and this sugar contains 94.5 percent of sucrose, therefore it much similar to white sugar.

Although the above mentioned figures indicate that brown sugar is slightly better than white sugar still if you are consuming any of them in abundance, can result various health issues. It is found that sugar is mainly responsible for the problem of obesity all over the world.

If you are thinking to use brown sugar as an alternative to white sugar in your dishes, then you need to remember that as it contains moisture, so you are needed to reduce other liquid ingredient to maintain the original taste of the dish.

Adequate amount of sugar consumption is necessary to balance the health. Therefore avoid over eating and keep yourself healthy always.

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