Black Seed Oil Benefits to Achieve Good Health

Black seed is also known as, nigella sativa, black cumin and kalonji. This plant is native to south and southwest Asia. Mainly these black seeds are being eaten in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh from centuries. It is an ayurvedic herb and has a pungent bitter taste or smell.

It is a life saving medicinal food and has been used to make medicines for over 2000 years. It contains more than 100 components and is used for treatments for various complaints, therefore Black Seed Oil Benefits are countless and unbeaten.

Possible Black Seed Oil Benefits for Humans

Black Seed was discovered in the tomb of King Tut, its oil could be derived by pressing the plant, keeping high pressure. Normally the oil is comprised of 21 percent protein, 39 percent carbohydrates, 34 percent plant fats and oils.

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Often, it is used to fight various infections and strengthen the immune system as it posses the best anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Amazing Black Seed Oil Benefits include:

Improving Liver Health

Sometimes liver’s function struggle due to the side effects of meditation and alcohol consumption. A recent study discovered that, black seed oil could heal liver and help to prevent it from any damage or diseases.

Subtle Breast Cancer Growth

A Thymoquinone extract from black seed, blocks the growth of tumor, induces a programmed cell death and avoids the risk of breast cancer.

Prevent High Blood Pressure

Researchers discovered that, 100 or 200 mg of black seed extract can result in lowering blood pressure with a mild hypertension.

Black Seed-OilPrevent Bleeding from Nose

It is a very common problem especially during hot days of summer, for preventing this put some drops of black seed oil on plain paper, burn it and then apply the ash inside the nose. This remedy quickly stops nose bleeding.

Help to Reduce Weight

Today obesity is the major concern because it causes all the major diseases. It is found that black seed oil can reduce fat around the waist. Basically it treats the digestive tract conditions like, gas, colic, diarrhea, constipation and dysentery. Now, it is also been advertised as weight loss miracle oil.

Promotes Hair Growth

The most unique benefit of black seed oil is its ability to restore hair loss, its powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial qualities helps strengthening the hair roots. Continue massage of black seed oil to the roots of the hair could result in exciting results.

Skin Care Benefits

Different types of face packs could be made by black seed oil. Mix this oil with honey in the ratio of 1:4 and apply it twice a day. It could result in making the skin soft and glowing. It can also help to remove the dark spots leaved by acne or pimples.

Studies are still heading on the way to find more Black Seed Oil Benefits, as it is very rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. It is also used to get relief from headache, toothache, conjunctivitis and intestinal worms. Many women also use it control birth, start menstruation and to enhance milk flow.

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