A Healthy Comparison Between Cooking Oil and Cooking Spray

In today’s modern life, obesity is a major concern for many of the people in the world. Numerous people are suffering with this problem and have tried several ways to cut down their fat. But some unhealthy eating habits are ruining all the healthy efforts made. Therefore, we need such an alternative that can suit our tongue as well as our health.

Cooking Spray is found as one of the healthiest alternative for Cooking Oil, it comes with plenty of health benefits. Today’s generation finds it best suited as it allows them not to compromise with their eating habits. Here we are discussing both of these options in detail to conclude which one is better for health as well as taste.

Importance of Cooking Oil in Day to Day

Many people thinks that Cooking Oil only aggravates our health but it is not like that, actually many essential nutrients are present in these oils, which help in achieving good health. Oil penetrates deeply into the body tissues and improves absorption of nutrients. Benefits of Cooking Oil:

  • Improves memory and lubricates all the connecting tissues, organs
  • Assist certain ailments like constipation, dry skin, arthritis and other diseases of nervous system
  • Help to lose the toxins with proper circulation
  • Acts as herbal ointment for burns, rashes, etc.

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To enjoy all the cooking oil benefits you need to limit its intake, cutting down it’s intake to once or twice a week. Make sure not to heat the oils excessively, as in such a case, it loses its essential nutrients.

Importance of Cooking Spray for Every Day

Cooking Spray is found as the modern alternative for oil, as many of the sprays claim to contain zero calories. These sprays contain some oils and water to make your dish non sticky. You could just spray a little of it on your cooking ingredients before grilling or backing. Benefits of Cooking Spray include:

  • Allows us to consume less calories
  • Allows us to eat our favorite dishes without any concern
  • Contains some essential nutrients present in oils

To enjoy all the health benefits of cooking spray, it is suggested to spray just for 1/3 second over your ingredients.

Final Verdict for Cooking Oil vs Cooking Spray

Cooking Oil and Cooking Spray

Although Cooking Spray sounds healthier for our health as it comes with zero calories. But we recommend the intake of cooking oils, these are made with a traditional formula and only contain organic ingredients that bolsters good health.

Cooking Sprays contain some ingredients for which we are not completely sure that they are good for health. And also it is very difficult to spray just for 1/3 second on a dish, as if you are spraying for more than that will brings some calories or fats. In addition, it is observed that the taste of dishes made with cooking spray is not that flavoursome, in comparison to cooking oils. So it is better to consume cooking oil in a limited amount for taste as well as healthy.

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