Home Remedies for Incommodious Muscular Cramps

A cramp occurs suddenly and sometimes causes a severe pain in the affected muscle. Almost each of us faces this condition at least once in a lifetime. It is a temporary condition, which happens due to muscle contraction or muscle shorten. Although it is non-damaging but sometimes causes immobility of the affected muscle.

There could be varieties Causes of Cramps but some of them include; stress, fatigue, overuse of a muscle and dehydration. Certain types of medications can also lead to cramps. Although Cramp occurs in adults but children can also experience it, often cramps become frequent with aging.

Find the Main Causes of Cramps and Its Preventions

Several vitamin deficiencies like, thiamine (B1), pantothenic acid (B5), and pyridoxine, could lead to muscular cramps.

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Basically we can’t categorize all the cramps, because it varies as per its severity and productivity. But still a major classification includes the following types, True Cramp, Rest Cramp and Dystonic Cramp.

True Cramps

They can involve a part or any group of muscle. Most of the authorities confirm that a true cramp is caused due to Hyperxcitability of the nerves, which helps to stimulate all the muscles.

It is commonly associated with the persuasive use of muscles or muscle fatigue, such cramps mainly occur during or later of any physical activity. Sometimes it happens after passing many hours.

It is also experienced that, unusual distribution of body fluids causes the condition of true cramp.

Rest Cramps

These are very common, especially in old age people, still could be found at any age. As the name indicates, it occurs during rest time (night). Although it is not life threatening, still it can cause trouble in your sleep. These cramps can reoccur frequently, even after few minutes. Yet the actual cause of rest cramp is unknown, but it is observed that; it happens due to unusual movements of body parts initiating the muscles to get shorten.

If you are facing regular Rest Cramps, then you could start stretching exercises regularly and particularly before going to bed.

Home Remedies for Cramps

Dystonic Cramps

In this cramp, the muscles that are no longer needed or are not being used for any body movement start contracting. It usually affects small group of muscles like, eyelids, neck, jaw, etc.

These cramps are noted in certain addicted individuals during withdrawal from medications or substances that posses sedative effects. These substances include alcohol, barbiturates, etc.

Try These Natural Home Remedies for Cramps

Stretch and Massage

When you feel cramp, simply try to stretch that body part and then start massaging (slightly rubbing) to that part. It will give you a quick or instant relief.

Apply Heat

For this remedy you can use a warm towel or a heating pad, just put it on your tense muscles and you will feel relaxed. You can also take warm bath, you can direct hot shower onto your cramped muscle.

Apply Cold

You can also try this home remedy, take an ice cube and put it on your tight muscles. This will help you to relieve pain.

Apply Pressure

Press forcefully the affected spot with the help of your thumb, hold it for 10 seconds. Now relax for 5 seconds and then again repeat the pressure. After few repetitions, you will find your pain gets diminished.

It is found that; poor blood circulation results improper oxygen supply to the muscle tissues, which is also one of the main Causes of Cramps.

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