Sunblock vs Sunscreen – Understand What’s the Difference

We have overwhelming options for sun protection products in the market therefore it is very challenging for us to find the right product. The consumers need to understand their requirements first followed by selecting the best suited product. The product should be of good brand so that it could protect our skin from damage.

Sunscreen and Sunblock are the two major names for sun protection products, but many people get confused that whether the two products are different or same? So this article will help you to differentiate difference between these two products.

Learn About the Properties of Sunscreen and Sunblock

Actually sun protection lotions come in two types one is “chemical” and another one is “physical”.

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Know all About Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a chemical kind, it is comparatively thinner than physical lotions and hence forms a thin layer of protection over the skin. Its chemical ingredients absorbs the UVA rays just before it get able to reach the skin and damage it.

Many of the Sunscreen lotion contain certain chemicals which cause irritation to the skin and eyes, so select a lotion which contain “Parsol 1789” to avoid irritation.

Use sunscreen before wearing makeup whenever you go out in the exposure of the sun. Many of the moisturizers already contain sun protection formula, so you could also use them to avoid sun damage.

Know all About Sunblock

Sunblock is a physical kind and is comparatively thicker than chemical lotion. It contains organic and inorganic ingredients which get stuck to the top of your skin as a barrier, to prevent the damage caused by UV rays.

Sunblock is the best choice for those who have sensitive skin, because its ingredients are completely skin friendly. Today, most of the lotion brands offer combination of these two types of sun protectionsa and therefore they are also a better choice to protect the skin.
Sunblock vs Sunscreen

Explore the Bottom Line About Sunblock vs Sunscreen

• If you are going out and exposing yourself to the sun for more than 20 minutes, then you are required to apply sun protection lotions.
• Make sure to apply the lotion before 30 minutes of going out. Because within this time the lotion will get completely absorbed by the skin.
• You can also apply the combinational lotions which are both sunscreen and sunblock, but carefully read its ingredients.
• In rainy season use waterproof protective lotions to avoid smudging of protective layer.
• If your activity level is high that your time of exposure is high, then do not forget to reapply the lotion .

Sunscreen and Sunblock both are good choices, but select the one that best suits your requirements. Apply it daily and make it a part of your daily routine life, it prevents your skin from burning and halts premature aging signs.

If you are confused between these two types, then consult your doctor and make certain which one is the best option for you and your family. Applying SPF formulated lotions is highly necessary and especially in the days of summer. Its daily application can avoid causing Skin Cancer.

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