Makeup is an art; each perfect stroke using a perfect color could make you look more beautiful and give you a glamorous look. But without a proper knowledge of tools and techniques required for a professional makeup you can’t make it perfectly. Makeup Brush is one of the most important tools the use of which enhances overall look.

Every woman or girl loves to look beautiful and likes to wear makeup. So, this article is for you, because it will be going to give you a perfect guidance for different Types of Makeup Brushes and their uses, which will help you to get a professional glam look by your own.

Learn About Different Makeup Brushes and Their Uses

Various makeup brands sell a wide range of Makeup Brushes to compliment their products, a brush which is made with high quality fibers or hair could be costly but gives out a great finish. Here is a list of most important 10 Makeup Brushes which could enhance your makeup.

Foundation Brush

Whenever you are applying foundation whether liquid or powdered, foundation brush offers a flawless finish. Its bristles have tapered tip for perfect fluid application. Before using the brush, damp it into warm water and squeeze all the excess into a towel.

Vega Foundation Brush with Wooden Handle and Natural Animal/Synthetic Hair Vega Foundation Brush with Black Wooden Handle and Natural Animal/Synthetic Hair

Concealer Brush

When you are applying a stick concealer, then you could apply it using your fingers. But when you are applying a cream based concealer then it is better to use brush, it gives perfect and even finish. This brush is wider at its base and has pointed tip, which help to cover broken capillaries and area of discolouration.

Oriflame Professional Concealer/Lip Brush Kent Concealer Brush, White/Black

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Powder Brushes

For a satin smooth finish, you need to apply compact powder with a brush, you can choose among bigger or smaller brushes. This brush is large enough to pick up perfect amount of color and distributes it flawlessly. Shake away the brush slightly to remove excess powder before sweeping it onto your skin.

Divo Powder Brush, Black real Techniques Powder Brush

Makeup Brushes

Blusher Brush

Blusher needs to be applied very lightly with a gentle stroke and thus blusher brushes are made with gentle fibers to give a perfect look onto the apples of your cheeks. Sweep your brush over your cheek bones in gentle circular motions.

QVS Blusher Brush Vega Blush Brush with Wooden Handle and Natural Animal/Synthetic Hair

Fine Point Eyeliner Brush

This brush have extra fine tip, which delivers precise liquid and gel eyeliner application. It helps to achieve perfect line with a single stroke.

Make Up For Ever Artisan EXTRA FINE EYELINER BRUSH Extremely Precise #250 Da Vinci Series 45130 Professional Russian Red Sable Pointed Extra Fine Eyeliner 8.8 Gram

Flat Eyeliner Brush

The brush has wide and pointed bristles, which helps to apply the liner deeply into the lash line. It gives more distinct look to your eyes. Gently blend the liner line to get a smoky eye look.

Kent Angled Eyeliner Brush, White/Black Essence Gel Eyeliner Brush 46571

Slanted Eyebrow Definer Brush

It helps to give a beautiful symmetrical appearance to your eyebrows. Its bristles are stiff and angled, which helps to apply powder, liquid or cream easily on the brows. In short, its strokes fill the sparse areas and give a perfect shape and an even look to your brows.

Professional Eyebrow Brush Vega Eye Groomer

Spiral Eyebrow Brush

If your brow hairs are unruly, then this stiff bristles will help you to comb your brows smoothly. Sweep your hairs upwards using the brush and trim excess hairs to get neat, groomed brows.

Mascara Brush

This brush contains stiff and spiraled bristles, which gives bounce to your lashes. When you apply liquid mascara, this brush gives a smooth finish to your lashes and makes them look longer.

Bdellium Tools Professional Antibacterial Makeup Brush Studio Line – Mascara Fan Brush 731 Audreys Mascara Brush MUB-6

Lip Brush

This brush comes up with a sculpted tip, which makes it perfect in achieving a flawless line. The brush has stiff bristles that help in controlled application.

Oriflame Professional Concealer/Lip Brush Colorbar Fabulips Lip Brush

Different Types of Makeup Brushes help to achieve different types of perfectly finish looks. It is very important to use these brushes gently to get a complete professional look.

Also do not forget to wash your brushes after 2 to 4 uses, because it may cause any skin infection. You could use baby shampoo for cleansing your brushes perfectly. Make sure your brushes are completely dry before use.

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